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We specialize in UL Listed electrical controls for municipal and industrial applications.  CE approved controls for the European Union (EU) are also available.   The controls can be stand-alone, networked, or communicated remotely with a modem.  Products can be located indoors, outdoors, or in hazardous areas.


There are off-the-shelf products designed for many industrial applications...  see ControlsStore.com for more information.


Other products are custom designed in our panel shop for each specific customer application...see ControlPanelQuote.com.


  Here are some of our products...


OEM Control Panels


Water and Waste Water Pump Panels


Chemical Metering Pump Panels


Programmable Logic Control Panels


Datalogging, Autodialer and Remote Telemetry Panels


  Other products include...


Variable Frequency Drive Panels (VFDs)

Heater Control Panels

Pump Station Control Panels

Indoors, Outdoors and Hazardous Area Control Panels

Drum Level Alarm Control Panels

Simplex and Duplex Pump Control Panels

Phase Conversion Panels

SCADA Panels

Instrumentation (pH, flow, temperature, conductivity, etc.) Panels

Relays for specialized controls (alternating, current sensing, etc.)